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The titles of the entries are the number of days I have left on this contract and the number of days I have left until I can come home.  Personally I don’t think this is the greatest system as it, kind of, sets it up like a prison stint instead of an adventure.  For me it is like marking days off a calendar until something else good happens.

So far ship life is pretty different.  I have been doing lots of training, like how to put out fires, what fires can do to a ship, why fires are important… they really stress the whole fire thing.  As a matter of fact the safety officer actually yelled FIRE in a crowded theater this morning, not so much as an exercise in free speech but as a way to emphasise that fires are not the time to whisper. 

It was really nice to have the rocking of the boat put me to sleep, but the other edge of that sword is that rocking of the boat does the same thing to you in a safety training.  The safety training didn’t help.  snore

I got to go to the bridge today and have a cookie and OJ with the bridge staff officers.  Not just me, it was the odd 20 other people that signed on to this cruise.  Oddly enough most of the bridge crew are Greek, who knew?

Also learned that for most of the crew 75.6 hours per week on average over the cuise is when you start getting overtime.  Yikes!  Glad I am asked to work less than 52 hours per week.  You are encouraged not to work more than 14 hours in a day and in every 24 hours

OK busy, more later


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