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129 late night

129 Late Night
This week was a good week to join the crew, it seems that – fleet wide- this is crew appreciation week.  Celebrity Cruises, starring you!  I’m missing a big party in the Navigator lounge right now, where I could go and stand by myself, look awkward and drink my warm Heineken (so do they put the soap in that beer on purpose?) while I take the opportunity to shout over the music to people who barely speak English.  Score!

I did just see my first big show.  The singer/dancers put it on for us, the crew, ‘cause- you know- we rock.  They did a good job of blending talent (because, they are actually very talented) and a good crisp corporate message that they were doing this show for us because of how much they appreciate the crew, “Because here at Celebrity, YOU! are the star.”*  To which many cheered and a few yelled out, “Ya, Celebrity!”  It seems that when you are 1000 miles from land in the Atlantic, working with people from over 40 different countries, those who are somewhat jingoism predisposed anyway… switch from a country or sports team to a brand, “Ya, Celebrity, fuck ya!”  I guess if you can’t be with the tribe you love, love the tribe you’re with.

* stars who, when push comes to shove or rather when water covers the smokestack, are relegated to the life rafts, and not the life boats.  There is a big difference, life boats have motors and covers and 3L of water rations/person, the rafts have neither motors nor covers and only half the water rations, oh ya, and they only work if they inflate properly and if the ship sinks rather quickly, two mechanical things have to work.  A dohicky that cuts the uninflated raft away from the boat when it gets wet and then the painter line has to drag down 50m and successfully pull the inflation mechanism.  This all happens when the raft container is 12-20 meters under water, so in a worst case scenario, you are going to have a whole lot of wet crew members waiting for an inflated life rats to emerge fully formed from under the raging sea.

Luckily this doesn’t happen


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