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128 Labadee, Haitai

128   Labadee, Haiti.
Saying you have been to Haiti after docking at Labadee is like saying you have been to Paris after you go to Epcot.  It feels like SeaWorld down to the kiddie water park, the zip lines (yes lines, the big one and the small one) and the fleet of sand-wheel equipped wheel chairs.  They have huge ballon wheels so the mobility impaired can get wheeled up to the beaches.  Did I mention that I have never seen so many wheelchairs in my life?  They are everywhere, mostly empty littering the hallways.  I like to take that in a hopeful way like you would if you see an empty wheelchair at Lourdes.  Also lots of Rascals and Hoverounds running around.  In fact my favorite passenger is in a Rascal.  He is easily in his 70s, probably 300 lbs plus with an eyepatch and a racing red Rascal.  I have seen him several times when he goes out to smoke and as he smokes his cigarette and gestures with it, it occurs to me that this guy is a kitten short of being a bond villain which I think is awesome.

I got to get off the boat for the first time today and did a little swimming and hung out with the spa girls for a bit.  One of the things that I like about the boat is that this is a pretty international crowd.  In the spa alone there are people from South Africa, Portugal, UK, Philippines, Japan, Austria, Jamaica and a few more who I haven’t met yet.  Everyone seems really nice and outgoing.  I don’t think this kind of work would attract the shy and retiring, so there is that.  I have 4 more port days and 3 sea days back to Baltimore to figure out how to run the clinic by myself and I think it will be OK.  The girl I am replacing has done 5 contracts and is pretty burned out; the upshot of this is that she has told me all the places where the rules can be bent and that is particularly valuable info.  Puerto Rico tomorrow, I need a new pair of shoes and someone told me that there is a place near where we dock that has the most amazing coffee ever.  I don’t know what that means, but she says it is amazing.


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  1. “a kitten short of being a bond villan”–Nice. Very nice.

    What happened to your shoes? Did you forget them on the beach?

    Comment by Jenny | October 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. did you bring the ‘modern day birth control’ shoes?
    awesome blog by the way.

    Comment by Owen | October 23, 2010 | Reply

    • I did bring them and I wore them to the beach in Labadee. They were great when I wandered out into the coral, whoops. But Sitting on the beach, in the hot sun- black shoes- they got really hot. Then I rinsed them out in the shower and let them drip dry and put them back in the closet. Three days later I opened that closet and oh Jesus,
      shut-it! shut-it! shut-it! what the fuck died in there? It was like if you mixed camping socks with the kind of gas you can only get the day after too much dark beer. Let’s just say the closet wasn’t up to code for that kind of ventilation. After trying to let them soak in hot soapy water and then let them dry, they are only getting incrementally better. I guess caribbean water rinses away the antibacterial whatever.

      Comment by davidsjones | October 26, 2010 | Reply

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