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127 Red Right Return

127  Red Right Return

On the way out of San Juan I wanted to get a picture of the fort all lit up, so I went to 7 forward.  7 forward is the outside area on the boat that crew can go relax on, we even have a pool.  It is likely that most people would recognize this as the, “I’m king of the world” spot.  The two things that don’t really work about that are that passengers can’t get to that area and even the crew who are there, can’t get out to the very frontiest pointiest part of the boat.

7 forward was pretty busy on account of the Puerto Rican free wifi and a strong AT&T 3G signal.  People speaking 10 different languages chattering away to loved ones.  I overheard conversations about budgets, animated conversations with kids and recognized the phrase, “I love you.” in about 4 of those languages and in the rest you could pretty much infer where it was being said.

A rain shower passed by about half an hour before we left dock, that sent all the chattering crew under cover, but it passed quickly and everyone wandered back out for better signals.  As the clouds slowly passed from the old city to the new, the very bright full moon lit them from the top, ghosts wandering south.  When we pulled out from the dock the horn sounded three times with each blast sounding back 3 distinct echos from the 3 different levels of the old town hill.  As the bow slipped into the channel I saw the nav buoys marking the lane almost like a runway and I remembered from sailing many years ago the nemonic sailors use to stay in the channel, “red right return”, red buoy on your right coming back into harbor with your running lights matching the buoys on the way out.

I didn’t get a picture of the fort because it wasn’t at all well lit, but it is OK, because I was mesmerized by the lighthouse in an ancient fort and as I looked up at the full  moon, a thin cloud passed under it, just thin enough to cast a circular rainbow around the moon.  It was truly a beautiful sight and San Juan looks like a really cool city.  I think this is what Spalding Grey would have called a perfect moment.


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Couple of pics



This is literally the view out of my office window.



In port in San Juan

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So here is what a passenger stateroom looks like

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