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Few more pics

The big hump you see in the background is Nevis which is right across the channel from St. Kitts.

This was the view from my office window today.  I was, however, not in the office I was on the beach for some of the day, but was trying to hike to the top of a hill that had radio antennae on it to see if it would be a good paraglider launch.  I think if the winds are from the East and not howling, it would be great.  It has a fairly clear launch, a quick turn to the right would have you ridge soaring an even higher face and then if you can thermal up, I think you could make it to a ridge that is about 3 km long and there is a big area along the pond where you can land.  Maybe next time.  If they let me off the ship next time.  I went to a training today but intentionally missed one this afternoon.  This kind of fell under the “easier to ask forgiveness than permission” thing…. which it totally is.  I got a little chewed out by the spa manager, well let’s just call it a reminder of the commitment that Celebrity has to Safety First. 

The spa manager, by the way, is great.  I’m sad that the next cruise is going to be her last and we will get a replacement.  Part of the revolving staff that is boat life. 

Speaking of Celebrity’s commitment.  These ships generate A LOT of trash, sewage, recyclables.  They have to have a waste treatment plant, incinerator and  desalinaters (for shower and waste water).  They sell off recyclables at the end of the cruise, discharge things that are safe to discharge (but only 12nm offshore which is cool because the law says, I think, 9nm)  Pretty impressive operation and one of the things you probably don’t think of, where does all my trash, water, bottles go.

That is a twenty gallon bucket full of cantelope scraps.  JUST cantelope.  They go through a lot of melon on this ship.  I guess if you are going to feed almost 2,700 passengers and crew, you are going to go through a lot of something.  I just caught the bucket of cantelope skins. 

3 sea days and 1,500 nm to Baltimore, then the show is mine.  I’m OK with that and am ready to start making some cash.  Let’s see how the next few days go.


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