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97 Sea Day

97 Sea Day
“Jess is pissed.”  That was Dionne screaming over the pumping music and she was right, Jess was pissed but it was getting late in crew bar and you could pretty much close your eyes spin around in a circle three times, point and if you knew that person’s name and followed it by, “is pissed.” chances are you would be right.  Especially right if you were pointing at Dionne, who’s dancing was becoming increasingly uncoordinated or possibly more ironic, a kind of spastic mocking of society’s traditional values of club dancing.  (edit:  Dionne says that is just the way she dances.)
Crew bar is smoky and poorly ventilated.  It has a DJ setup and one really loud speaker, but that is OK, because the room is really small and one is enough.  Almost every night another crew member takes turns DJing in what they call Club Xtreme ( X is the Celebrity trademark) but it seems like they only really play about 3 songs but with that kind of music it is as hard to tell the songs apart as it is to sex kittens, is that a male or female?  I don’t know.  Didn’t he just play that?  Yes, just keep dancing.
Booze is pretty cheap in crew bar and it is pretty typical to buy beer in 6 packs and just take the whole 6 pack back to the table.  Yes, that Corona has been sitting there, open, for about an hour but I bet it is still cool at the bottom, sure you can have it.  Back when the spa girls were tight with the Philippino mafia, whole cases would show up to their tables.  One of the mafia guys had a huge crush on one of the spa girls and when the mafia likes you, life is good.
This night was a going away party for someone who got less than 24 hour notice that she would be packing her bags and transferring ships.  She was off to spend the Austral summer going around the horn, seeing Antarctica and spending Carnival in Rio and for some reason she was sad and we were sad to see her go.  Honestly, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I hope I get to see her someday on her home turf in the Azores.  But tonight was about getting liquored up.  Safe travels Marissa.
I hate club music.  If pedicabbing did anything for me it made me hate not only club music but the people who liked it and here I was dancing to it.  In my own defense there isn’t much choice on the ship, not like there is a crew folk bar, or a crew sports bar or a crew sit and talk to your friends bar.  You can have those things on the ship, but you have to be in uniform, with a name tag and you have to follow certain rules.  In crew bar you can get as drunk as Jess was or dance wildly like Dionne or, like me, get to the point where I thought Jaegermeister was a good idea.  It wasn’t.  Neither is club music, smokey spaces or loud music but here you are in a bad idea doing shots of Jaeger in the bowels of a boat doing laps in the caribe.


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  1. Jaegermeister is NEVER a good idea!

    Comment by Lynn MacKesson | November 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. And thinking it is should be a clue

    Comment by davidsjones | November 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. YOU thought Jaeger was a good idea?? I think you may have thrown your mind overboard, my dear. Sounds like you had a great time, though. Even if the next morning wasn’t so great.

    Comment by Jenny | November 22, 2010 | Reply

  4. I only thought one was a good idea. And all I had to do was get up at 7:30 and go stand in line for immigration. The day wore on just fine, but I was ready for bed early.

    I know, how odd, ME?? Jaeger??

    Comment by davidsjones | November 22, 2010 | Reply

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