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78- 3 days at sea

Another 12 day cruise to the E. Caribbean comes to a close.  In about 6 hours we will start to see the lights on the Chesapeake and will start to get cell service.  The weather has deteriorated considerably, but just wind and rain.. so far no big waves.  It was a little rougher a couple of days ago and we got an email from the Captain that ususally says, “the conditions on the way back to Baltimore might deteriorate, secure all things in your area… blah blah blah”  this one was titled Seasonal Weather Alert.  This one wasn’t about if the weather was going to get bad it was about when it would get bad and stay bad for the season. 

I heard from a guy who did this route last year that in Jan there were 40 foot waves off the shore of Cape Hatteras.  That sounds like it will be exciting.


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