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75 Flat Bill and Dave have coffee with the girls

Dionne thinks that Flat Bill might like a bit of muffin and Jolien knows how much flat Dave loves his coffee


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75 one of the reasons I have a mac

after about 5 years my hard drive on my macbook gave up the ghost.  But in that 5 years it has run time in and time out like the day i took it out of the box, until it didn’t.  Luckily I had the OS with me and I installed it to a 16 Gig thumb drive but that was slow and limpy.  I was pretty sure I was going to have to buy a new laptop but didn’t really want to.  So I go into the Apple store in Charleston and told the first friendly face to come my way that I have a request that they probably can’t do.

I am here in town for just a couple of hours and I need a new hard drive installed and i don’t want to spend too much to do it.  I was expecting that they would tell me I needed an appt blah blah, but instead I waited a couple of minutes and a tech came out and said that they could do it no problem, it would take about 10 minutes and that the smallest size they had was 160G (mine is 60) but that it would cost $140 to do the repair while I wait.

He opened up the lid and noticed that the plastic bezel and one of my keys was pretty jank so he told me that they could replace the bezel, the keyboard, the monitor bezel and the trackpad all under warranty. (again, 5 years old) but that it would take half an hour to to that.

So I get an emergency repair and two upgrades by just walking in and it was really reasonable to have done.

This is the second time I have had a ridiculously good experience with the apple store and why I think they are worth the extra money.

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75- Charleston… I thought this posted, but it looks like it didn’t

but if it posts twice then my apologies.

So it turns out that this wind was likely 40ish over the deck.  I took my wind meter up on deck later at night and recorded 62mph as the highest speed with about 48-54mph was what the sustained winds on deck were.

50+ is pretty hard to walk against and 55ish you can lean into on your tip toes.

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