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65 Labadee Haiti

I’m past halfway.  As of today I have more time in than I have left and that is a good thing.  Today is Labadee, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean and as I said before it is pretty much like Disney engineers put together a beach day for Mickey.

I have the morning off, or rather I had the morning off.  See around here you can send an email at 10:00 pm that says there is a meeting at 10:30am and expect people to be there.  I left my office after a 12 hour day at 8:00pm and was not planning on returning until 1:00p when I have my first patient, but ran into someone in the hall who was kind enough to inform me that my plans have been altered.  Fuck Fuck Fuck.  but, just now I ran into that same person and asked what the harm would be if I had never seen the email and because she is the best spa manager you could ask for told me she would give me the notes.  Yes!!

I got all my Xmas packages and can’t tell you how excited I am.  I have been sharing my mom’s cookies with the spa girls (yeah, nothing goes straight to a girl’s heart like cookies and mom’s toffee)  Let’s just say the they are all being curiously nice to me…. me the possessor and distributor of sweets.  But they all take a look at the bounty that was my parent’s Xmas package and the word spoiled reared its ugly head more than once.  Hey man, I can’t help it that your mom doesn’t love you.  Also have had more than one girl ask if she could be adopted.  How ’bout it mom?  They say their, “Nans are rubbish in the kitchen” their kitchens obviously being slightly NW of France.

The 4X ginger cookies are a huge hit by the way as is the toffee, the other stuff is, of course, great, but they go crazy for those.  Jenny sent me some wrapped gifts and I am looking forward to Xmas, she even sent me some garland to hang in the cabin.  Something I never would have though of but it makes the cabin a bit brighter and the garland was stuffed in a bag over a couple of presents and yes, I am drinking coffee out of my new mug.  Awesome by the way, a travel mug with pictures of everyone from home.  I have a new favorite coffee mug.

Xmas around here is going to be tough.  A bunch of people pretending to be happy and making excuses like, it’s just another day so they can cater to people who are genuinely happy.  I hear that in the UK boxing day is just a day to go to the pub, it has lost its origin as the day the servants celebrate Xmas, but it will not have lost that significance around here as many of us are pushing celebrating until the day after.


The trivia went over great.  I did the easy version first and then asked if anyone wanted to stay around for the hard questions and no one left.  The winner of the hard round was, not surprisingly, a chemistry professor and the guy who does the astronomy lectures, a visiting PhD, came up after to tell me that he was really impressed by the range and structure of the questions.  So for an hour I got to be surrounded by about 30 nerds and it was awesome.  One lady told me that was the most fun trivia she had ever done.  nerdcore bitches!


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  1. Well, I long ago stopped envying you this journey, but I am especially sorry you have to spend Christmas away from your family. My dad did it a few years ago, as he worked as a stand-up comic on a cruise in the South Pacific during Christmas. Like you, he found some things to enjoy about it. Keep your chin up! I know you can’t wait to come home, and what adventures you will have to tell for the rest of your life! Merry Christmas, Dave!

    Comment by Susan K. Morrow | December 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Glad you are enjoying all the goodies and that the girls are as well. Spoiled and loved would be two words that come to mind.
    I’m rubbish in the kitchen as well except when it comes to baking and candy making.

    Comment by Mom | December 23, 2010 | Reply

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