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43 I was writing a blog there… and then.. I wasn’t

I sort of dropped off the face of the sea there for a while, but I’m back.  I guess things got pretty routine.  I used to post some interesting things about pedicabbing on my facebook in short stories and I got a lot of really good feedback, but it looks like there was a change in my mindset and things just became uninteresting or too much trouble to write about.  So here is the quick and dirty on what has been going on here.

Xmas- not that bad.  I thought it would be a time of melancholy and missing friends and family.  Turned out that I was too busy to notice it was Christmas because I had 10 treatments and a seminar and 2 consults.  Oh ya and there was a raucous party on Xmas eve so I was running a bit ragged…lack of sleep and all.  Not surprisingly New Year’s eve also got a big out of hand for a lot of folks. 

A very cool thing happened in St Croix when we were there last.  It turns out that they know how to have a good time and they do it by celebrating Xmas and new year’s well into the new year and they day we were there was one of the big days of celebrating and there was a huge festival right by the port. 

I was off until 3:00 and decided to walk down to the rainbow beach bar to have a burger, but no beer as I had patients in the afternoon.  On the way I ran into one of the shop guys and a couple of dancers and the girl from the pair of acrobats and they were all having a good ole time on a beach were there was no one else and they asked me to join them.  The beach was perfect, the water was crystal clear and just cool enough to be refreshing, so we hung out for a while, then a few of them decided they would follow me to Rainbow, which was closed for the festival.  Bugger, now we are walking back and decided to get some food from the vendors there.

Here is the cool thing, the vendors there.  We walk up and they have grilled chicken skewers, right, no big deal, but they were delicious and we see this guy juicing sugar cane with this machine and as a group wander over to see what is up.  He was also selling coconut water.  I’m in for that, sugar cane way too sweet.  So I order it and he grabs a coconut and lops one end off, puts a straw in it and hands it to me.  What no cup no ice.  Fine.  I was amazing, then I asked if I could use his machete to open the nut to get to the meat and he told me yes, IF I knew how to use it.  phhhtt Its a fucking knife old man, stand aside while I show *you* how to use a machete.   About 12 hacks later, he had had enough and grabbed another coconut and showed me that I was making a rookie mistake in that I was chopping across the bias, he had the thing open in two hacks.

Now, the whole reason I wanted to open it up, was to get to the meat, except for one thing, immature coconuts (the ones with the water) don’t have meat they have jelly.  Which he pointed out, then cut a bit off the husk and said, “and there is your spoon to eat the jelly.  The jelly make you strong man, make good babies.”

So the four of us started to gobble it up all of its white creamy warm jellyness.  One of the dancers took a bite and had some stuck on her lips, she traded a knowing glance with one of the other dancers and started to giggle.  Ok, I get it, all of our minds were in the gutter right then, because yes, there was an element that made this look like 4 people huddled around a coconut full of semen and spooning it up.

Then this other old guy comes over and says to me, “You know what that do, ya?  It make you fuck ALL (emphasis his) night long and then sleep like a baby.”  And then he smiled a grin that was about 3 teeth short of a smile.

Ok, what is next.. yes the sugar cane juice.  One of the dancers was going to get some and let us try it.  It was amazing but too sweet for me, what it really needed, in fact, begged for was to be cut with rum, so for $3usd the guy poured in about a cup of rum and that did the trick… I took one sip.  whoa!

Next. Across the way we ended up at a place for more food and they had an assortment of juices, none of which I had ever heard of, so spin the wheel of ignorance and …….. carombola juice it is.  It was one of the most delicious things I have ever had.  Like a very subtle banana flavor with a touch of peach and vanilla, not too sweet, went down very nicely.  I ordered a chicken roti which was described to me as curried chicken and potatoes in a wrap… OK

But there were more juices to try.  Now what?  Well it has come to my attention that I do not remember the name of this drink but was told it was made with cane sugar and a boiled root.  Sounds right up my alley I was also told that it would clean me right out, whatever that meant.  I asked if they meant like a liver cleanse or something and I was told yes, like that.  Well is wasn’t like that at all they meant strong laxative and it gets this effect from being a strong stimulant.  I felt so good, couldn’t stop talking… top of the world.  Good stuff.  Just make sure you are close to a bathroom. 

Other than that the days have been pretty routine.  I got the chance to head to the beach with some friends in St Kitts where we bought a bottle of vodka so we could drink on the beach by just buying juice from the beach bars.  That was a fun couple of hours, perfect weather, good friends and it turns out that Ting and vodka is quite good. 

It was a bottle of Rum on St Maarten and a different group.  Sun and fun and booze make for early nights, except when they don’t and when they don’t the party keeps right on going on what we call 7 forward.  This is the crew outside area in the front of the ship away from the prying eyes of passengers (except the ones with forward facing cabins who have a great view of us)  This is where we do our sail away party with six packs of beer from the staff bar and usually bags of Doritos or Lays.  These go on as long as they need to but usually they don’t end until after sunset which is just in time to get a bite to eat in staff mess and then plan the rest of the night. 

This is the fun part of being on the boat.  The part that looks like you are on vacation when you put the pictures on facebook.  Not the meetings and the selling and the seminars and the boat drills and the extra special deep clean that is going on tomorrow so people can’t get off to take care of some business in Baltimore, but those things don’t make it onto facebook.


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  1. Sounds like you are having way too much fun.

    Comment by Mom | January 14, 2011 | Reply

    • there have been a couple days where there were elements of too much fun, yes.

      Comment by davidsjones | January 15, 2011 | Reply

  2. hey,,,,I enjoy reading your posts. If you figure out the name of that laxative/stimulant please let me know. Hows it going overall?

    I am immersed in my homeopathic course and really diggin it……and now that I have recovered from that 8 month contract I am missing shiplife and thinking maybe one more contract after I finish my course….

    Comment by alison goss | January 20, 2011 | Reply

    • You MISS ship life? I’m ready to go home. I mean I like the people, most of them and sometimes I have fun, but I’m ready to see my wife again and get my business really humming. Glad you like the posts, I am about to do a day in the life, which will be primarily pictures, so you will recognise lots of stuff and it might make you “home” sick.

      Mauby bark is what it was. You can buy it on the interwebs and it goes by a variety of spellings.

      It is really stimulating. if you know what I mean.

      Comment by davidsjones | January 20, 2011 | Reply

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