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33- video post

Today is officially the 3/4 done mark.  I only have 33 days left and I can taste it. 

Here are a couple of videos taken from the storm we went through, not really crazy stuff, but kind of cool.


This is Rachel (or RayRay because there is another Rachel) she is attempting to climb the stairs to deck 14 to get in clear air.  You will notice the fabulous camera work.  The wind was so strong and gusty that I couldn’t keep the camera steady.


This one I took mostly on deck 11 forward.  There is a door in the spa where you can get to a section of the boat that is normally closed off in bad weather and it is one deck above the bridge, so they can’t see you there unless they are checking the CC-tv.  I point the camera at me a couple of times which was a mistake only because I really like the blue of the sky and the sea that comes from it being pretty dark combined with the howl of the wind. 


I woke up early the morning after we went through that low pressure system off Cape Hatteras and as we were travelling North and my cabin is on the starboard side I got to see the sunrise and with the colors of the sunrise combined with the blue and white of the sea along with the clouds, thought it was actually quite mesmerizing.   I think this needs an ambient track behind it because obviously the way I was holding my phone amplified my breath sounds and even though I was just breathing normally, the damn mic pics it up.  You can just pretend that it is wave noise from outside, which is what I thought it was at first.


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  1. Hurry back, we miss you!


    Comment by danceswithfat | February 1, 2011 | Reply

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