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11- Mail Call

Even when you get a package on the ship you don’t get it right away.   It has to touch a lot of hands on its way in and not many of them really care about your package as your package is just more work for them and most of them seem to already have enough work.

So even though I got a package yesterday I just got it and that was only because I noticed it in the spa manager’s office.  Clearly giving my package was not at the top of her priority list in and among closing down the ship.

So I will have to say to the sender, Joyce– you are odd.  Has anyone ever told you that?  In the package, and this one takes the cake was a Costoc connection so I could see what kind of deals I was missing being away.  I will say the spa girls stood around the magazine from the humane society and it started to sound like a baby shower, ahhhhh, ohhhhh, omg isn’t that one cute.. just imagine it with a S. Africa accent.  And, yes Joyce I read the Popular Mechanics article in the April 2010 issue you sent on being lost at sea.  That was really nice of you point that out. 

Joyce, you guys really take a magazine about living in a gated community?  Wouldn’t have thought those even exist… oh and the girls loved the Real Simple.  I however loved the snickers bar, that in its trip had acquired properties that would allow it to be described by the axioms of plane geometry and just FYI Resses hearts don’t suffer an excess of crush resistance or torsional stability.  But I will say that they still taste good flat. 

Thanks for the package, I really appreciate the pics of the boys and the long overdue holiday cards.. that was a nice touch.



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11- I have become a countdown junkie

11 days until I am off the boat, 268 hours until I am home, but then everyone on the ship has become a countdown junkie.

It used to be when something crappy happened you would just shrug your shoulders and say, meh- shiplife what are you going to do, but now when something shitty happens the response, as it was today, is- “11 days”  As in, I only have to do endure this for 11 more days.

I think counting down helps you manage the time, give you something to look forward to- it contextualizes it, it gives it a handle, something to hold on to.  When I wake up tomorrow it will be 10, but I won’t be thinking about 10 more days, I will be thinking that in only one day I am in the single digits, which I will hold onto for about as long as it takes to realize that that means in two days it will be one week.

The names of the days of the week became useless to me a long time ago.  They have no meaning here.  The names of days are, Sea Day, St. Kitts, Nassau, that has relevance, it tells me what is going to happen that day.  This last trip though, I think the thing that will supersede the name that has meaning for that day will be that day’s number.  St Croix will not be St. Croix this time it will be “7” and St Maarten will be “4”.

Stay tuned to Dave’s countdown fever.

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