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9-Single digits

Not only that but 222.2 hours until my plane lands in Austin. (so says wolframalpha)

While you would think that things would be winding down here on a ship that is destined to be sold, but quite the contrary.  Everyone of 900 crew members (OK not all of them a few are staying on board to to a transatlantic back to Germany) let’s just say a lot of crew members are going somewhere, be it on vacation, home, transfer and all of them need to get their medicals back, their passports, they need to have their cabins checked off and their bags checked, final pay issued, there are crew brunches and parties planned, things are actually getting crazy around here.

So besides being giddy about coming home all the rules are changing here so I actually have to pay attention.  I’m not down with paying attention, it hurts my thinker.


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