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7- St. Croix USVI

This cruise is crap.  I am doing all the things I have done in the past to get patients to come see me and am getting a lot of smiling and nodding.  The people who on every other cruise would have been buying packages are insistant that they only get 1 treatment and when I tell them why that is a bad idea, they dig their heels in.

Well… all that goes away in 1 week, I have finally hit the one week mark.  Yesterday in between my 2 patients I went out with friends to go parasailing.  The crew welfare organized a few cheap trips for crew this cruise and that was one of them. 

One of the amazing things about this job is how quickly you go from being at work to being on vacation.  In the morning I was in uniform and name badge doing my thing and then with a quick change of clothes I was on a boat full of friends going parasailing in the virgin islands.  Then a quick change of clothes again, I was working.

This morning I am at work for a couple hours, then I am taking the rest of the day off and am planning on going to a beach, drinking some beer on said beach and then back to the ship. 

There are aspects of this job that suck, but they are pretty well balanced out by the things that don’t.  I think if I didn’t have such good stuff waiting on me back home, I could do this for a while.

Well, like usual.. my patient just showed up.. half an hour early.  So I think I will go stick needles in her.


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