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3- first sea-day of 3… Baltimore looms

Things I am looking forward to:

It is hard to say that I am looking forward to seeing my wife without thinking that anyone reading it would knowingly snicker.  Snicker all you want, I’m looking forward to seeing my wife and my son and my friends.

Water- cold, as much as I want-fresh water, big comfortable bed, cooking, fresh vegetables, good beer, fast internet everywhere , on demand TV that doesn’t make my laptop screen look big, no boat curfew sailing time, not being a second class citizen (which is why I won’t go in guest areas in my off time unless I have to), swimming in fresh water (Barton Springs here I come) non smoking areas (lots of smokers in the crew and lots of crew areas are very smokey) breakfast tacos, a good margarita (not necessarily at the same time) good salsa, a good pizza

less than 80 hours now….


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