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1- Rough weather off cape Hatteras

In about 24 hours I will be off this ship- for all the good and the manifest bad, this chapter closes tomorrow.  The sea today is gun-metal grey, the wind is at our back so it isn’t howling at the outside door to my office, but the winds are shifting so that might change. 

As you can imagine there was a big party last night and it started for a few of us at a Mafia party.  There are a lot of Philipinos on the ship and they hold a number of influential and not so influential positions.  The ones with influence look the other way when the ones with no influence make off with things from ship’s stores and decide to have a party. 

The food was literally amazing.  I was so pissed off because all the time on this ship with shitty food and you give a couple of guys who are not even cooks some galley access and they turn out the best food I have had on the ship either in the mess or the fancy restaurant. 

Then, predictably, the party moved to crew bar where it was packed.  I stayed late but not till close and am paying for it now, might have had something to do with mixing vodka and wine.  In my stomach not in a glass.

Tomorrow will be a long day, but am so looking forward to seeing home.  You are never more from where you are than when you are not there.  I have never more proudly proclaimed by home town as when I have been on the ship and I don’t think I will ever be as happy to be on final approach as I will be tomorrow. 

This will be my final post from the sea.


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